Whether it is an integrated poultry feed mill in rural Thailand, a cattle feeding facility on the high plains of southwest Kansas, or a commercial feed mill in Mexico, Scott Equipment provides the animal nutrition industry worldwide with the latest in mixing technology and agricultural bulk storage systems.

Scott Equipment Company continues to innovate and develop its' agricultural processing equipment to meet the increasing demands of today's high volume, precision focused feed mills. The Scott Twin Shaft Mixer (TSM) and the Scott Smooth Wall Panels are just two examples of industry leading innovations from Scott Equipment that help today's animal nutrition industry participants meet the demands of a global industry focused on a safe and accurate feed supply.

Batch mixers, continuous blenders and square bins have changed a lot over the last 45 years and over this time period Scott Equipment has contributed to the feed industry, developing new equipment, adapting existing concepts to meet new applications and continuing to increase our knowledge base through the development and recruiting of our most valuable asset, the people that make up Scott Equipment.