ASM Fine Grinder

Fine Grind Air Swept Mill

The Scott Air Swept Mill (A.S.M.) is designed to grind a wide variety of products. Our fine grinder machine is capable of producing particle sizes from 500 microns down to 15 microns. Some products can be ground to as small as -10 microns. The entire grinding mill consists of several components including a feeding system, the A.S.M. fine grinder and a collection system. In some applications, an air heating system can be added to accomplish drying and grinding in a single process.

  • Grind from 500 to 15 microns (some materials to 2 microns)
  • Cooling and drying occurrence during grinding
  • Recirculating lubrication system to ensure long bearing life
  • Quick opening door for rotor and liner part replacement
  • Grinding surface for a variety of dry or wet materials
  • Temperatures controlled by auxiliary chilling or heating equipment
  • Low capital cost with high return on investment
  • Negative air pressure results in cleaner and safer production conditions
  • Effective design delivers exceptional ratio of product yield to power consumption, processing time and related production costs
  • Easy clean out design
  • Product output variables - speed of mill, number of beater plates and air flow speed
  • Effective impact surface and increased time attains a consistently fine end product
  • A variety of drive assembly designs are available including shaft mount, gear head or direct drive. All drive assemblies are at least AGMA Class II rating
  • Custom manufactured in mild or stainless steel
  • Sanitary finishes up to and including 3A Dairy Standard