Scott Equipment supplies numerous industries with durable, long lasting mixing and blending systems. From fine powdered materials to coarse ground ingredients, our extensive portfolio of mixers and agitators insure accurate mixing off all types of products. Durably constructed in either mild or stainless steel, our uniquely comprehensive range of batch mixers and continuous mixers & blenders allow us to offer completely customized solutions for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, recycle and waste reduction applications.

Batch mixing is the most commonly used batch mixing technology, providing precise control of mix quality, flexibility of production and oftentimes lower installation and operation costs. With a batch mixing system, all ingredients are loaded into the mixer together, mixed homogeneously and then ejected in a single lot, or batch. Batch mixers are ideal for a wide variety of applications, especially where production quantities are small, strict control of mix composition is required, formulations change regularly or batch traceability is necessary.

Scott Equipment offers great flexibility in the design of our batch mixing systems to ensure accurate mixing for all types of products. From horizontal twin shaft and drop bottom gate to ribbon and paddle agitators, every Scott batch mixer is custom built to efficiently and cost-effectively meet each application requirement.