Smooth Wall Panels

Scott Equipment storage bins offer efficient, cost-effective and clean storage for dry bulk materials. Stronger and lighter in weight than traditional bulk storage container bin materials, Scott Modular Steel Bin Panels will support a greater workload than competitive systems. The basic concept behind the '2 Skin' modular steel bin panels is applicable to many different kinds of processing industries that require built storage of dry ingredients.

Smooth Wall Modular Steel Panels

Scott storage bin panels are engineered to meet today's need for greater efficiency and greater economy in both the construction and operation of bulk storage systems. The ideas behind the design and application of our storage bin panels are simple and sensible, yet completely functional. The '2 Skin' Wall design offers greater strength with less weigh and is able to keep moisture out, protecting your product from condensation and freezing.

Our bin panels offer excellent flexibly with assemble available from 12' x 12' down to 31/2' x 31/2' or even smaller. They can also be built with vertical walls up to 70 feet in height. Whether you are thinking in terms of expanding present facilities or of engaging in entirely new construction, it will pay to consider the many advantages Scott Smooth Wall Modular Steel Panels have to offer.

  • Saves on labor costs
  • Fire resistant
  • Protects against condensation and freezing
  • Keeps moisture out of bins
  • Provides a smoother flow of materials
  • Gives greater strength with less weight
Scott Steel Bin Construction

Unlike other panels now on the market, Scott Modular Steel Bin Panels are fabricated with two heavy-gauge steel walls with 3 1/2 inches of air space between them. This air space provides insulation against condensation and freezing, keeps moisture out of the bins and enables processors in colder climates to maintain operations on a trouble-free basis.

Stronger Than Competitive Systems

Scott Modular Steel Bin Panels are stronger, lighter in weight and will support a greater workload than traditional building materials upon which the industry has always relied. Because of their greater strength, dry bulk storage systems constructed with Scott Panels will greatly decrease the load on foundations and perimeter walls.

These factors, combined with reduced costs of materials, construction and maintenance make Scott Modular Steel Bin Panels the logical choice for the construction of modern bulk storage systems.

Saves Labor Costs on the Job Site

Because Scott Modular Steel Bin Panels are welded at the plant and the actual assembly involves only eight bolts per section (or 32 bolts to join four panels together to make a complete bin) workers do not spend unnecessary time trying to align bolt holes and matching up panels. For this reason, storage bins can be erected a great deal faster on the job site with a considerable saving in labor costs.

Scott Panels also are pre-finished at the plant with durable aluminized sheets or tough, weather-resistant enamel and this likewise results in a substantial saving in the cost of painting the completed structure. With labor costs representing an even higher proportion of the total cost of construction than ever before, we believe these savings are especially important.

Minimizes Bridging, Improves Flow of Materials

Connecting bolts used in assembling the storage bins do not penetrate through the panels. There are no projections, corrugations or structural shapes of any kind either inside or outside the bin walls. As a result, the inside walls are weather-tight and completely smooth on all sides.

This greatly minimizes bridging and contributes to a smoother flow of materials. It also simplifies maintenance by allowing more efficient cleaning of the bins.