Particulate Capture Unit

The Most Revolutionary Separator on the Market

Scott Equipment Company has designed a new centrifugal separator that takes the place of cyclones and baghouses. It is not only extremely efficient in separating 99.971% of the particulate from the air, but it will handle high fat products as well. Scott has a patent application on this machine and we are confident of its unique design. The Scott Particulate Capture Unit (PCU) has been thoroughly tested and in the field in operation since 2000.

Originally designed to handle fine, hot, oily product coming off coolers and dryers in the rendering industry, Scott Equipment has discovered that the Particulate Capture Unit works so well that it is applicable in almost all applications. Hot, fine, oily product with 10% - 12% fat will not work effectively in a cyclone or a baghouse. In a drying operation, the PCU will work better than a baghouse and handle very hot air in excess of 300°F without danger of baghouse fires or the oil residue that make baghouses inoperable on high fat product making it ideal for food waste separation.

When considering all the advantages of the Scott PCU over cyclones and baghouses, it is very evident that this new technology will revolutionize the solid waste separation process.

  • Excellent for fatty or high oil content applications
  • Virtually the same percentage of separation: 99.971% with no bag maintenance
  • Space requirement is about 25% of baghouses
  • This is a centrifugal machine, but it is not a cyclone or baghouse
  • No bags to clean or replace, no risk of torn or plugged bags and spark & fire dangers are eliminated
  • Sanitary food grade design available
  • Complete wash down is easy in stainless steel models
  • Tested and approved by Mostardi Platt Particulate Emission Engineers (send for copy of Particulate Emission Test results)
Particulate Capture Unit Eco Benefits

The economic results of cooling your rendered meal with the Scott Cooler and our centrifugal separator prove that it is a sound investment with very quick payback and many other benefits.

  • The Scott Cooler will do 50% - 75% of your grinding. Therefore, you only have to grind to of your product and your meal is cool when you grind it. Result: Production is up, hammers and screens last at least twice as long and power consumption is down.
  • The Scott Cooler will eliminate instances of spontaneous combustion.
  • The Scott Cooler will cut salmonella by eliminating condensation and wet spots in product, which produce salmonella.
  • The Scott Cooler will allow you to sell your meal at 6% moisture not 2% or 3%. I encourage you to do the calculations on that and look at the payback.
  • Scott has a new closed loop system that eliminates the particulate going into the atmosphere and returns it to the product. This system can eliminate the cyclone and replace it with a centrifugal separator if you have very high fat content, which causes the cyclone to plug. Result: We capture the particulate without a baghouse. The system also reduces the odor in the air by the washing action in the particulate capture unit.
  • Capturing the particulate in the centrifugal separator is so efficient that an independent testing laboratory tested it to be 99.971% efficient.
Scott Particle Capture Unit Operaton

Scott's centrifugal separator replaces the cyclone or a baghouse with its unprecedented ability to separate the hot air from the fine oily product that is in the air stream. The air flows from the separator through a classifier plate to a blender section where water can be added to capture any fine particulate that still may be in the air stream.

The water with the particulate in it is now pumped back to the cooler. The water will be approximately four parts water and one part solid. This closed loop system eliminates virtually all air contamination and product loss in the air stream, as well as reduces odor.