Scott Hammer Shredder

The Scott Shredder offers fine particle size reduction (down to 40 mesh) on a variety of materials using a single shaft, high-speed rotor design. With up to 10 different hammer configurations, these hammer shredders allow for wider variations in design to meet your particle reduction requirements. The rotor design is available in either the fixed hammer or swinging hammer design.

This design combined with variations in tip speed and screen opening allows you to choose different particle sizes for your product. The Scott Shredder grinders range from 500 lbs/hr to 50,000 lbs/hr of production depending on your particle size and horsepower requirements. This system can also be designed with an air assist to have the particle size reduction equipment operate under a negative air design.

  • Removable screen assembly
  • Variable hammer density design
  • Dual use hammers for extended life
  • Negative air system design available
  • Outboard pillow block seals
  • Reversible rotor features allow for greater versatility
  • A variety of drive assembly designs are available including shaft mount, gear head or direct drive. All drive assemblies are at least AGMA Class II rating