IDS Dryer Indirect Batch Drying System

Scott Equipment's IDS Dryer is an indirectly heated batch drying system. The drying process created by Scott's IDS Vacuum Dryers is based on plow mixing technology, providing a mechanically fluidized bed of material to maximize product contact with the reactor vessel. The batch grain dryer was specifically developed to reduce wood flour moisture to less than one percent. Its innovative design allows the indirect dryer to also handle temperature sensitive materials and materials that require short cycle times by implementing vacuum technology. Our vacuum indirect dryers can dry most solid materials to less than 0.5% moisture. High-speed choppers are also available for deagglomerating lumps, ensuring maximum exposure of the material's surface area to the process.

  • Indirectly heated batch drying system
  • Designed to reduce wood flour moisture to less than 1%
  • Vacuum dryer technology
  • Compact design requires limited space
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • The most economical drying system for rates below 1,500 lbs/hr
Indirect Dryer Operation