Industrial Batch Mixers

Durably constructed in either mild or stainless steel, Scott industrial batch mixers ensure accurate mixing of all types of products from fine powdered materials to coarse ground ingredients. Our engineering department is always on the cutting edge of design technology, offering innovative and time-proven solutions to mixing a multitude of products. All of our industrial ribbon mixers are custom built to efficiently and cost-effectively meet each application requirement.

  • Custom manufactured in mild or stainless steel
  • Sanitary finishes available up to and including 3A Dairy Standard
  • Complete mix cycles of less than four minutes
  • Available in 1 to 1,500 cubic foot capacities
  • Ribbon, paddle or paddle / ribbon mixer combination design in mild or stainless steel with a variety of dischargers available
  • Constructed with heavy-plate tub bottom and end plates
  • A variety of drive assembly designs are available including shaft mount, gear head or direct drive.
  • All drive assemblies are at least AGMA Class II rating.
Industrial Batch Mixer Discharge Gates

Scott Equipment offers a variety of discharge gates, which are available in sizes ranging from 2" in diameter to 36" in diameter. With the ribbon agitator design, the discharge gate can be located on either end or in the center of the mixer. The paddle agitator design must have the discharge located in the center of the mixer for efficient cleanout. The selection of discharge gates available from Scott Equipment Company will suit your needs and your unique applications, with custom designed discharges also available.

Discharge Gate Options
  • Hinged Drop Gate
  • Hinged Plug Gate
  • Pipe Flange Adapter
  • Pivot Gate
  • Sanitary Knife Gate
  • Drop-Bottom Discharge Gates are also available for mixers designed with Surge Hoppers
Drop Bottom Gates Designed For Use With Surge Hoppers
  • Scott drop-bottom design has eliminated the piano hinge for improved performance
  • Single drop-bottom gate eliminates leakage and gives a complete batch discharge
  • Requires minimal servicing or adjusting
  • No felt, rubber or other sealing materials are used, yet a positive tight seal is achieved
  • All drop gate mixers are supplied with oversized intervent systems to allow for dust-free air exchange between the mixer and the surge hopper
  • Other gate options are available including single, double and triple air gate slide gates
  • Specially designed discharge systems are also available to meet custom requirements
Industrial Horizontal Batch Mixer Seals

Scott Equipment's standard seals for horizontal batch mixers are well suited for most mixing applications and will meet nearly all requirements of today's mixing industry. However if you have a particular concern with your product, we will accommodate your needs by designing a custom seal.

Scott Equipment Standard Seals
  • Ultra Sanitary Seal
    • USDA 3A Dairy standard seal
    • No tools required for disassembly
    • All flanges split to remove for washing
  • Split Packing Gland Seal
    • Graphite or nylon packing
  • Air Purge Seal
    • Air purge packing gland seals are available for special applications
    • Air purge seals prevent leakage of fine materials
  • Packing Gland Seal
    • 3 or more rings of packing available
Industrial Ribbon & Paddle Agitators

Selecting the right agitator for your application is essential to proper mixing. At Scott Equipment, we have six different agitator designs available to meet any custom mixing requirements. Furthermore, with our Pilot Plant Testing Lab, you will have the ability to test our agitators with your products before purchasing your batch mixer, ensuring you get the right mixer or blender for your specific application needs.

All our agitator designs are available in either mild or stainless steel with standard, sanitary or special high polish finish. Below are the features for our most popular industrial batch mixing agitators.

Heavy Duty Ribbon Agitators
  • Close-wrapped ribbon agitator allows for a balanced, efficient and high quality mix
  • Cycle times as low as 90 seconds with the HE ribbon design
  • Tubular construction on the main shaft allows for longer life on the main shaft
  • Ribbon flighting and support posts are gusseted and supported with back straps for durability and strength
Standard Ribbon Agitators
  • Constructed of a stainless steel close-wrapped balanced design
  • Triple-mixing action insures a smoother, more efficient blending of the ingredients
  • Polished sanitary design helps eliminate cross contamination between mixing runs
  • Optional air-purge design through the main shaft provides complete cleanout
Paddle Agitators
  • Paddle design allows for easy cleaning of agitator assembly
  • Available in polished sanitary design up to 3A Dairy Standard
  • Paddle blades are adjustable and replaceable to maintain close tolerance to the mixer bottom in non-sanitary models
Ribbon/Paddle Agitators
  • Paddle design allows for easy cleaning of agitator assembly
  • • Combines the benefits of the Paddle Agitator Design while simultaneously giving end-to-end mixing action of the Ribbon Mixer
Heavy Duty Horizontal Mixers w/ Specially Designed Surge Hoppers

Combine our industrial batch mixers with the Scott Surge Hopper and increase production with batch cycle times as low as 90 seconds. Our surge hoppers provide fast, efficient clean out between mixing and are available with a paddle drag or screw conveyor for discharge. The mixer can also be equipped with a drop bottom gate.

  • Fast, efficient clean-out between mixing batches
  • The Mixer/Surge Hopper combination increases production
  • Batch cycle times as low as 90 seconds are available with this combination
  • Surge conveyor can be designed using the Scott invented curved section for inclines up to 45 degrees
  • Available with either paddle drag conveyor or a screw conveyor for discharge
  • Surge hopper capacity will hold the complete batch in the mixer
  • Furnished with custom designed conveyor extension for each specific application