Scott Equipment Company's comprehensive range of processing components includes agitators and mixers, industrial flash and vacuum dryers, including our patented AST Dryer, product separators, size reduction equipment and dry bulk storage. We offer extensive product testing with our in-house pilot plant lab and testing facilities. In addition we offer a rental program for all our custom process equipment, allowing us to demonstrate the superior effectiveness of our equipment with your own products, ensuring we meet your needs and expectations.

With a diverse product line, completely customized solutions, and high-quality products built to last, your sure to find exactly what you need right here.

Pilot Plant & Production Scale Test Facility

Our test facility technicians have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the equipment's capabilities and are goal-oriented problem-solvers. Utilizing pilot plant equipment and production scale testing, they will work with you to achieve the most desired outcome and ensure that each piece of sold equipment is properly designed for each unique application.

Mixing & Blending Systems

Scott Equipment supplies numerous industries with durable, long lasting mixing and blending systems. From fine powdered materials to coarse ground ingredients, our extensive portfolio of mixers and agitators insure accurate mixing of all types of products. Durably constructed in either mild or stainless steel, our uniquely comprehensive range of batch mixers and continuous mixers & blenders allow us to offer completely customized solutions for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, recycle and waste reduction applications.

Industrial & Batch Drying Systems

For more than 40 years, Scott Equipment has been providing custom processing equipment for a diverse group of industries, manufacturing some of the most efficient dryers on the market. From our patented AST Dryer to indirect batch drying systems, we offer effective drying solutions for all sorts of products and industrial applications. Our dryers, whether flash, indirect heat, pneumatic or vacuum, deliver exceptional product uniformity, maintainability, efficiently and cost-effectively meeting each application requirement.

Industrial Processing Equipment

Scott Equipment is a leading manufacturer and global provider for custom processing equipment, supplying numerous industries with durable, long lasting machines. From the Scott Cooler to our one-of-a-kind Turbo Separator, we manufacture the finest performing processing equipment, uniquely designed for each specific application. Our comprehensive range of industrial processing equipment including industrial agitators and industrial shredders allows us to offer a multitude of customized solutions for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, recycle and waste reduction applications.

Bulk Storage Bins

Scott Equipment storage bins offer efficient, cost-effective and clean storage for dry bulk materials. Stronger and lighter in weight than traditional storage bin materials, Scott Modular Steel Bin Panels will support a greater workload than competitive systems. The basic concept behind the '2 Skin' modular steel bin panels is applicable to many different kinds of processing industries that require built storage of dry ingredients