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Turbo Separator

The Scott Turbo Separator is a product recovery system, ideal for out-of-spec, dated or mislabeled products. Whether packaged in corrugated cartons, plastic bottles or metal cans, this revolutionary piece of equipment has the capability to reclaim up to 99% of dry or liquid products from their packaging. The packaged product separator significantly reduces waste disposal costs and enables both the product and packaging to be recycled.

The Scott Turbo Separator is custom built for each application with various inlet and discharge designs to offer the most efficient and cost-effective solutions, ensuring maximum product recovery. Additionally, our Pilot Plant & Test Lab Facilities are available for a full range of product testing and analysis before purchase.


  • Up to 99% efficient in product recovery
  • Durable construction and adjustable paddles enable the processing of a wide variety of products
  • Insightful tubular design allows for efficient product switch-over without cross-contamination even where strict purity standards must be maintained
  • Custom manufactured with various inlet and discharge designs to meet specific processing needs
  • Variable RPMs from 200 to 2500
  • Fabricated from either carbon steel or 304 stainless steel
  • Optional sanitary design
  • Available in capacities from 1 to 40 tons per hour
  • Water manifold may be installed for clean-in-place capabilities
  • Collection and discharge hoppers available
  • Initial investment is quickly recouped via investment of product loss, transportation and/or waste removal cost

Turbo Product Separator Applications

Packaging Type

General Products

Food Products

Dairy Products

Cans (including labels, cartons & fittings)

Shaving Foam & Gel
Deodorants Household Products Insecticides Pet Food
Cigarettes Beverages & Drinks Oil Filters

Soups Drinks Beverages Custard Vegetables Gravy Granules

Liquid Cheese Creamed Rice Milk Puddings Condensed Milk Evaporated Milk

Plastic Pots

Pet Foods Household Products Cosmetics Drinks

Processed Meats Non-Dairy Dessert Convenience Meals Margarine Coleslaw

Creamed Rice

Loose Products & Dry Sacks/Sachets

Plaster Board Sheet Rock Diapers
Individual Sachets

Tea Cereals
Instant Drinks Sugar
Potato Chips Coffee Gravy Cubes

Powdered Milk Chocolate Drinks

Plastic/Glass Bottles
Glass was the product recovered in such applications.


Baby Foods

Milk Shakes


(Liquids & Solids)

Breakfast Cereal

Milk Shakes

Because of the diversity of applications for these machines, a larger Turbo Separator II has been introduced to handle products such as gypsum board and cement. This unit will separate the paper and gypsum in wallboard operations for recovery of waste gypsum.

Product Separator Operation

The product is introduced into the Scott Turbo Separator via a flanged inlet where the product is cycled through the agitator. The variable RPMs, along with the design features of the beater blades and breaker bars, separate the product from its packaging. The product is routed through a center discharge where a screen filters the product. Various screens are available depending on the product's size and consistency. The packaging material continues through the cylinder to an end discharge for disposal or recycling.

The Scott Turbo Separator


Turbo Separator Specifications