Scott Cooler System For More Consistent High Temperature Meal

If cooling and moisture problems are preventing you from achieving the consistent processed meal needed for proper packaging and storing, we have the solution. The Scott Cooler System ensures better handling of meal or powder products that have been heated to temperatures of 160-275 degrees F.

If you have a hot product, you are probably experiencing condensation and difficulty in unloading bins and bulk trucks. The risk of salmonella problems is also increased if there is condensation caused by hot meal. Our process cooling systems will not only cool the product, it will allow you to add moisture when necessary.

You'll find the new Scott Cooler a valuable addition to your meal processing operation. The straightforward design of the indirect cooler system makes it inexpensive in a variety of ways. A unique, but simple cylinder totally encloses the product, so you experience little product loss into the air stream. It uses ambient air, so it is cost-effective to operate and maintenance costs are predictably low.

  • More consistent processing for high temperate meal
  • Cools meal or powder products from 275ยบ F to near ambient
  • Reduces condensation and curb salmonella problems
  • Little product loss into air stream with unique cylinder enclosure
  • Ideal for cooling all kinds of meal, such as rendered meat meal, feather meal and soybean meal
  • Will cool meal coming from the Scott AST Dryer
  • Production rate of up to 50 tons per hour
  • Available in carbon or stainless steel design
Scott Cooler Operation

The Scott Cooler eliminates cooling and moisture problems that occur in processing hot meal or hot powdered products. It was designed to prevent condensation, produce flowable meal to storage facilities, produce easier grinding meal and keep the incidence of salmonella to a minimum. The cooling system offers consistent processed meal for proper packaging and storage.