Slurry Blender

Scott Equipment has been a leader in process equipment for over 45 years

The equipment manufactured by Scott is custom designed and fabricated for the heavy duty use by today's biofuel plants. Custom, innovative equipment like slurry blenders and custom grain scalpers, increase efficiency with minimal, ease of maintenance and is the hallmark of Scott Equipment Company's machines.

  • Improved enzyme utilization
  • Production rates up to 150 m.g.y.
  • Eliminate dough balling
Scott Cellulosic Reactor
  • Available in 316L, 2205 Duplex, or Hastelloy
  • Optional full vacuum design
  • Custom design and engineering
Scott Reel Scalper
  • Clean grain of foreign material
  • Capacities up to 200 tons per hour
Twin Shaft DDG Blender
  • Increased residence time for improved syrup soak
  • Improved quality of finished DDG’s