Testing & Rental

Scott Equipment Company has been committed to manufacturing quality custom equipment for a diverse group of industries since 1966. One of the many services our customers have come to rely on is our in-house production scale test facility. Our pilot plant equipment and production scale testing services are essential to customers who are testing new products, processing techniques or for research and development of production or product theories not yet proven. The industrial equipment trials conducted in our test facility provide customers with the information they need to make an informed decision on a particular piece of equipment or process.

Our test facility technicians have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the equipment's capabilities and are goal-oriented problem-solvers. Utilizing pilot plant equipment and production scale testing, they will work with you to achieve the most desired outcome and ensure that each piece of sold equipment is properly designed for each unique application.

Industrial Equipment for Testing & Rental:
  • ASM Fine Grinding System
  • AST Drying System (patented)
  • Dominator Crusher
  • High Speed Blender
  • Horizontal Paddle Mixer
  • Horizontal Ribbon Mixer
  • Indirect Dryer
  • Plow Mixer
  • Pugmill
  • Shredderizer
  • Tender Blend Mixer
  • Turbo Separator
  • Twin Shaft Batch Mixer
  • PCU (Particulate Capture Unit)
  • Vacuum Dryer