Organics For Compost

Project Details

Privately Owned Composting Facility

Project Description

Small, privately owned composting facility with 6 separate composting sites looking to capitalize on food waste regulations by accepting mixed food waste for a tipping fee, separating the waste, and selling the recyclables for BTU value at local power plant.  They are also reducing the level of contamination in their compost and will have minimal debris when trommel screening the mature compost.  One local farmer has committed to purchasing every cubic yard of their compost produced for his fields.  His aerial tests confirm the nutritional value to his crops.

They chose our system over our competitors because:

  • US owned and easy to do business with
  • Throughput for mixed grocery waste is >
  • Had rental system and numerous reference accounts

MIXED GROCERY WASTE:  The customer chose a Model T42 to process 40-50 ton of mixed grocery store waste per day.  The waste is contracted with a local grocery chain with >30 stores.  The initial makeup of the waste included a low percentage of organics and high percentage of general waste (boxes, stretchfilm, bags of receipt tape, etc.)

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