Scott Equipment's new Twin Shaft Mixer (TMS) Series of horizontal mixers offer another option to consider when selecting the mixing technology for your batch mixing process. The TSM Batch Mixer offers counter rotating ribbon/paddle agitators that produce a homogenous mixing of various materials in a balanced action throughout the mixer. The combination of paddles and ribbon flighting mounted on the twin agitator design offers unsurpassed mixing efficiency for a wide variety of products.

Our twin shaft mixers offer a high rotation mixing action in combination with an end-to-end conveyance design of the agitator which results in shorter cycle times and better repeatability from batch to batch. The TSM also offers the opportunity to mix a wide variety of batch sizes and still achieve excellent mixing results. With its lower overall horizontal mixer profile, because of the low diameter to length ratio, the TSM is an excellent choice should height limitations be a concern.

  • Available in carbon or stainless steel construction
  • Sanitary design features with special shaft seals available
  • Cycle times as low as 1-1 minutes can be achieved with high speed scale designs
  • Class II standard shaft mount drive assemblies are quoted as standard
  • Parallel shaft gearhead reducer with chain drive and oil bath guard is a drive option
Twin Shift Discharge Gates

Scott Equipment offers a variety of discharge gates for our Twin Shaft Mixer, which are available in sizes ranging from 2" in diameter to 36" in diameter. The discharge gate can be located on either end or in the center of the mixer with the ribbon agitator design. With custom designed discharges available, our selection of discharge gates are sure to suit your needs and your unique applications.

Twin Shift Discharge Gates
  • Hinged Drop Gate
  • Hinged Plug Gate
  • Pipe Flange Adapter
  • Pivot Gate
  • Sanitary Knife Gate
  • Drop-Bottom Discharge Gates are also available for mixers designed with Surge Hoppers
Drop Bottom Gates Designed For Use With Surge Hoppers
  • Scott drop-bottom design has eliminated the piano hinge for improved performance
  • Single drop-bottom gate eliminates leakage and gives a complete batch discharge
  • Requires minimal servicing or adjusting
  • No felt, rubber or other sealing materials are used, yet a positive tight seal is achieved
  • All drop gate mixers are supplied with oversized intervent systems to allow for dust-free air exchange between the mixer and the surge hopper
  • Other gate options are available including single, double and triple air gate slide gates
  • Specially designed discharge systems are also available to meet custom requirements
Twin Shaft Batch Mixer Seals

Scott Equipment's standard seals are suitable for most mixing applications for the Twin Shaft Batch Mixer. Although these seals meet nearly all the requirements of today's mixing industry, custom designs are available to accommodate any particular concerns you may have with your product.

Scott Equipment Standard Seals
  • Ultra Sanitary Seal
    • USDA 3A Dairy standard seal
    • No tools required for disassembly
    • All flanges split to remove for washing
  • Split Packing Gland Seal
    • Graphite or nylon packing
  • Air Purge Seal
    • Air purge packing gland seals are available for special applications
    • Air purge seals prevent leakage of fine materials
  • Packing Gland Seal
    • 3 or more rings of packing available
TSM Horizontal Batch Mixer Agitators

The TSM Horizontal Batch Mixers utilize a unique ribbon/paddle agitator combination to deliver all the benefits of the paddle agitator design while simultaneously giving the end-to-end mixing action of the ribbon mixer.

Ribbon/Paddle Agitators
  • Counter rotating ribbon/paddle agitators produce a homogenous mixing of materials in a balanced action throughout the mixer
  • Unsurpassed mixing efficiency for a wide variety of products
  • Shorter cycle times with lower co-efficient of variations
  • Better repeatability from batch to batch
  • Offers the opportunity to mix a wide variety of batch sizes and still achieve excellent mixing results